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Lydia Xourafi is a theater/performance practitioner and a social scientist based in Athens, Greece. She studied theater and performance (University of Athens-Theater Deparment, Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts, Stockholm University of the Arts) and worked in Greece and Sweden. She also holds a BA and MSc in social science and psychology (Deree American College of Greece, Lund University - Sweden). She has attended multiple courses and workshops in contemporary dance, performance, physical theater, improvisation and mindful movement. Her interests are focused in bodily techniques in performative art and new participatory practices. She leads performance workshops and personal development sessions for children and adults. She designs and implements performing arts projects (The Precariat - MEME gallery, PPLG conference 2019, Us, Joints-KET 2019) while collaborating with theater and dance groups in Greece and abroad as a creator and performer (Riscus Group Theater - SIOPE - Rabbithole Theater 2018, The Nightmare Show - Utopia Lab 2018 - Embros Theater, Trial &, Project Otherness TeaterInterakt).


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