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embodying narratives 

“Embodying Narratives” is a physical theater methodology developed through practice based workshops.  The aim is the development of performer’s bodily creativity as well as the construction of kinetic dramaturgies based on subjective memories, interactions, senses and space experiences. Techniques of physical theater, creative movement, theater dramaturgy and live art are used. Another important aim is the development of participatory initiatives of the group member.

The current approach is based on the principles and theory of narrative inquiry, Lecoq’s physical theater, mindbody practice, psychogeography and dramaturgical analysis and relational aesthetics,

The goal is the emergence of a writing process from the body and the evolution of our personal movement in new directions enjoying our physicality but also developing a creative autonomy. We aim to expand the physical perception in order to cultivate the relationship with our body, to accept it without having to change it and to develop its creativity by exploring new movement patterns and forms.

Additionally, we engage in the investigation of the body-space relationship through kinetic improvisation and the use of materials. We will explore possible images and construct an overall narrative of the stage space through embodied dramaturgy.

The structure of the workshop consists of physical warm-up, body awareness, improvisation and physical theater exercises. The techniques that will be used include bodily mindfulness exercises, floorwork, guided movement improvisations, physical theater techniques (J. Lecoq), flow movement, site specific research, embodied dramaturgy and reflection group.

It is addressed to artists and students of performing arts (actors, dancers, performers) and to people who are interested in exploring the relationship with their body, space, and others.

The workshop series is an action of the non-profit organisation "semion ψ - social creative actions”.

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