Mind Body Practice

mind body workshops aim in developing perception of an expanded emotional spectrum as well bodily awareness and creativity through stories.

Techniques of physical theater, creative movement and narrative psychology are used. Another important aim is the development of participatory initiatives and creative social actions.

The laboratory approach is based on the principles and theory of narrative inquiry, developmental psychology by L. Vygotsky, performative psychology (Fred Newman & Lois Holzman), applied theatre and participatory art.

"Based on the belief that we collectively create our lives through experiential action, we construct at the same time what we are and what we become. Performative psychology examines learning and development as a unit of experience where the subject acts, is and becomes while the narrative approach perceives the individual as a story that is constantly reconstructed according to his experiences."

So emotional development does not have a linear relationship with learning nor a cause-and-effect relationship, but it is a dialectical relationship-activity where learning and development are inseparable and interconnected concepts that emerge better together as a whole (unity).

The workshop series is an action of the non-profit organisation "semion ψ - social creative actions” and is addressed to anyone who would like to develop emotional perception and expressive means through storytelling, creative movement and bodily consciousness.

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