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self as stories participatory creative workshops aim in artistic expression through movement and voice in different stages of artistic research.

Artistic interdisciplinary techniques  are used, such as physical theater, performance and visual arts, creative writing as well as qualitative action research in order to explore texts and narratives and landscapes, thus composing a personal or collective artistic material.

This material and research is gradually transformed into a composition which can take the form of a collective sharing or an artistic creation (performance, exhibition, action, video).

Workshops approach is based on physical theater, devising theater and performative-live art while promoting concepts such as participation, collaboration and artistic initiative.

The aim is to develop new expressive means, to encourage the creation and synthesis of works and cultivate bodily expression and consciousness. An important part of the process of self as stories workshops is this of reflection and feedback as well as the creation of a safe space for collective reflection.

The workshops are mainly aimed at artists and people engaged in any form of art, expression and communication.

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