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self as stories. is a process of artistic research with a core focus on transforming space narratives, movement sequences, memories and personal and social stories into visual, dramaturgical and performative compositions. Performative techniques are explored in order to transform texts, interviews, testimonies, and images into embodied landscapes but also to create a new reflective discourse. self as stories participatory workshops aim in the development of collaborative artistic expression through movement and voice as well as personal creative development through the use of bodily practices, dialogue, writing and exploration of theoretical approaches in different stages of artistic research.



-Embodying Narratives: physical theater workshop, Tanzterrain kinetic dance space

-Testa: IDs in transition, dance performance in collaboration with Trial& - Performing Arts, Compartments Dance Festival 2022

- RE-narrating space: Performance synthesis workshop, Aspalathos artspace

- Medusa: a tentacle system, visual & dance research project in collaboration with Trial& - Performing Arts 

- AdultMe, video art project in collaboration with Riscus Theatre Group  (12th Athens Dance Video Project - Cine Trianon 2021, 1st Aigio International Film Festival 2022, Stockholm Fringe Festival 2022)


- Body - Semion - Emotion: Movement research workshop, omikron3 artspace May 2021

- Bodyscapes: Opening inner crypts, artistic research, Aparamillon art space, December 2020


- Kypseli: Old and New Playscapes - site-specific research project for Stockholm University of the Arts, 2019-2020

- The Precariat: A work in Progress - MEME gallery residency, PPLG conference 2019

- Participatory and Physical Theater Workshops - Utopia Laboratory, 2018-2020


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